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When someone does a good job I think it’s worth letting them know, hence the reason for my letter. I spent a lot of time deliberating over windows, being adamant that I would not have PVC for fear of devaluing my Victorian home. Well, it was a stroke of luck that I assumed you offered hardwood sash, otherwise I would never have visited you. You got the business, not only because the windows were good, but because also you were not pushy. You made sense when you insisted that upstairs would be better finished in hardwood. And to boot the price was a lot better than the haggling salesman from Everest! Testament to the quality has got to be our window cleaner who asked the question- “are these uPVC?” Our neighbours have commented, hopefully you get some business from them. The house is now warmer, quieter and not a spot of condensation on the windows replaced; roll on spring when you do upstairs. –you deserve it!

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